[Trilinos-Users] Not enough space to get a matrix row

Heroux, Mike MHeroux at csbsju.edu
Fri Jan 18 14:58:47 MST 2013


Just a quick thought: Have you tried running this through a memory checker
such as valgrind?  This kind of symptom suggests a memory error of some


On 1/18/13 10:55 AM, "Eric Marttila" <eric.marttila at thermoanalytics.com>

>Dear all,
>I've been using ML with AztecOO to solve linear systems and they have
>very well for many of my cases.  However, I've run into an error in ML
>with a 
>matrix that is sparse, but not quite as sparse as those that I've used
>The error I get is:
>"Not enough space to get a matrix row. A row length of
>380444954 was not sufficient"
>I've been able to reproduce this with a fairly small matrix - it has
>96,000 rows and 669,000 non-zero values so on average about 7 non-zeros
>row.  It is unclear to me why ML is trying to get a matrix row with a
>size of 
>~380 million given that my original matrix size is only 96,000.
>Does anyone have thoughts on this?  I'm not sure whether this might be a
>in ML, or if I'm trying to use a matrix that isn't compatible with ML.
>Thank you.
>p.s.  I've attached a short main program that I created to reproduce the
>behavior.  It uses my matrix in matrix market format - I'd be happy to
>the matrix file to anyone that is interested.  It is several Mbytes when
>compressed so I wasn't sure if I should attach that file when sending to
>list.  I've also attached the call stack from when the error occured.

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