[Trilinos-Users] Potential problem with VerifyFortranC interface--fortran name mangling

C.S. Natarajan csnataraj at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 14:08:45 MST 2013

Hello All,
          I noticed a potential problem with the FortranC interface check
in Trilinos 11.03. I am using version 12.0.4 of the intel compiler and I am
not sure if this issue is repeatable with the gnu compilers.

While the verifyc, verifycxx and verifyfortran codes in the cmake directory
are being compiled by the respective compilers, the main is compiled by the
c compiler and the linking is being done with the cxx compiler. The problem
is that the fortran compiler mangles the name to verifyfortran_ . This can
be seen in the symbol table of the objects. So during the linking step main
fails with undefined symbol for VerifyFortran. I changed my main.c to call
verifyfortran_(). Maybe a non-issue for most people but just thought I
should let the forum know.

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