[Trilinos-Users] Using NOX on a tbb thread

Sean C McDuffee scmcduff at blueskystudios.com
Thu Jan 17 11:57:28 MST 2013


I tried simply taking a for loop that creates a NOX solver to a 
parallel_for loop like so:

parallel_for (blocked_range<int> (0, rods_.size ()),
               [&] (const blocked_range<int>& r) {

int ierr = stepObject (objs[i], h);  // builds and executes a NOX based 

But I have what look like memory corruption errors.  The NOX solver is 
using AztecOO and Epetra.  Is there a way to rebuild my libraries so I 
can use NOX how I've been using it serially on each tbb thread or do I 
have to re-write my code to use Tpetra/Belos based stuff.


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