[Trilinos-Users] FEI enabled in CMake-GUI for Trilinos 11.0.3

Tommy Binford tbinford at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 14:06:22 MST 2013

When I configure Trilinos 11.0.3 using CMake-GUI the package FEI is
enabled.  In this case, set Trilinos_ENABLE_ALL_PACKAGES=ON.  The
latest Known Issues section I can find is for Trilinos Version 10.  It

Known issues in Release 10.0:

* Several packages do not yet support the Windows platform.  Packages that
  do not yet support the Windows platform will not be enabled with the
  Trilinos_ENABLE_SECONDARY_STABLE_CODE options.  Non-supported packages
  among external release packages currently include: Anasazi, FEI, MOOCHO,
  Pamgen, Phalanx, Phdmesh, PyTrilinos, Sundance, and Tpetra.

On my system this package (FEI) fails to build. I fixed this problem
by adding the following line to PackagesList.cmake:


Is FEI now supported under Windows?  If so, then I need to fix
something on my system.  If not, then there shouldn't there be a line
at the end of the PackagesList.cmake that disables it.  I have
explicitly enabled packages in the past, so this was never an issue.
I looked back at PackagesList.cmake for Trilinos 10.10.1 and the
PACKAGE_DISABLE_ON_PLATFORMS line for FEI is not in that file either.

Tommy Binford

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