[Trilinos-Users] Problem on Anassazi~

SungHwan Choi sunghwanchoi91 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 17:59:20 MST 2013

I have problem with anassazi

Throw test that evaluated to true: ret != 0

When I tried to get eigen values, The code print above message. I
think problem is on parameter setting but I don't know what parameters and
how do I change them

    Teuchos::RCP< Anasazi::BasicEigenproblem<double,MV,OP> > MyProblem =
Teuchos::rcp( new Anasazi::BasicEigenproblem<double,MV,OP>(matrix, ivec) );
    std::string which("SM");

    Teuchos::ParameterList MyPL;
    MyPL.set( "Verbosity", verbose );
    MyPL.set( "Which", which );
    MyPL.set( "Num Blocks", 20 );
    MyPL.set( "Maximum Restarts", 100 );
    MyPL.set( "Convergence Tolerance", 1.0e-8 );
    // Create the Block Krylov Schur solver
    // This takes as inputs the eigenvalue problem and the solver parameters
MyBlockKrylovSchur(MyProblem, MyPL );
    // Solve the eigenvalue problem, and save the return code
    Anasazi::ReturnType solverreturn = MyBlockKrylovSchur.solve();

The size of matrix is 1000 by 1000

does anyone help me?

Happy new year~
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