[Trilinos-Users] Tpetra on MIC

Heroux, Mike MHeroux at csbsju.edu
Tue Dec 17 11:03:48 MST 2013

This is really a question about Kokkos, which provides the underlying node parallelism for Tpetra.  In principle, the current Kokkos can work with MIC, but it has not been optimized for it.  The "next-generation" Kokkos is being stitched in underneath Tpetra right now, and progress is very good.  I expect will will have a good working capability for basic vector, multi vector and sparse- matrix-vector product kernels in the next release, some time in early spring.

This version of Kokkos works very well with MIC.


From: Sunghwan Choi <sunghwanchoi91 at gmail.com<mailto:sunghwanchoi91 at gmail.com>>
Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013 8:37 AM
To: "trilinos-users at software.sandia.gov<mailto:trilinos-users at software.sandia.gov>" <trilinos-users at software.sandia.gov<mailto:trilinos-users at software.sandia.gov>>
Subject: [Trilinos-Users] Tpetra on MIC

I am one of Epetra user. But I am wondering whether Tpetera support intel MIC or not. If it supports MIC, I want to move on Tpetra. Is there anyone who try Tpetra on MIC? In Tpetra page, I couldn’t find any information on MIC.

Sunghwan Choi

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