[Trilinos-Users] Complex sparse matrix vector product focusing on load balancing

Zifan Liu zif.liu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 05:45:40 MST 2013


I want to write a sparse matrix vector product kernel using trilinos.

where A is a large sparse real valued matrix.
Vector x is a complex valued vector.
Vector y is the result.

The main steps and my solutions are the following:

- Read the real-valued sparse matrix from a matlab file.---> Use
"EpetraExt::MatlabFileToCrsMatrix()" function.

- Perform load balancing and redistribute the data ---> Use
"Isorropia::Epetra::createBalancedCopy" function.

- Generate my complex vector x ---> ?

- Perform the MVP y=A*x ---> ?

Here, since the vector x is a complex valued vector, does Epetra support
complex valued vector and complex valued MVP ?

If not, can we perform load balancing and redistribute the matrix data
using Tpetra ? Is there an example about this ?

Thanks for your help,

Z. L.
Mr. LIU Zifan

Lab. PRiSM, University of Versailles, 45 avenue des Etats-Unis, 78035
Versailles cedex FRANCE

Maison de la simulation, Digiteo Labs-Bâtiment 565-PC 190, CEA/Saclay, 91191
Gif-sur-Yvette cedex FRANCE

Tel (+33) 1 39 25 43 43
Cell (+33) 6 42 03 25 96
zifan.liu at prism.uvsq.fr
zif.liu at gmail.com
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