[Trilinos-Users] Teuchos::TimeMonitor

Fan YE yefanhust at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 07:34:10 MDT 2013

Dear developers,

I've studied a previous example of Teuchos::TimeMonitor in which there are
stuffs like "TimeMonitor::lookupCounter", "TimeMonitor::getNewCounter".
However, when I seek for further information of these functions in doxygen
(by the links below), there is no equivalent.


My Trilinos version is 11.2.4.

I'm wondering if these routines are vanishing and unrecommended officially
by Trilinos.

What's more, in the sole example of Teuchos::TimeMonitor in doxygen
(TimeMonitor/cxx_main.cpp), there's still the creation of timer by
TimeMonitor::getNewCounter("Name of Timer"). Should I simply change the
"getNewCounter" by "getNewTimer"?

Thanks for comments.

Best regards,
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