[Trilinos-Users] Set fault setting comm from Tpetra::DefaultPlatform

Hoemmen, Mark mhoemme at sandia.gov
Sun Apr 14 17:23:13 MDT 2013

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> Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 14:38:42 -0400
> From: "Sean C McDuffee" <scmcduff at blueskystudios.com>
> Subject: [Trilinos-Users] Seg fault setting comm from
> 	Tpetra::DefaultPlatform
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> Hey,
> I'm converting my code from epetra to tpetra.  In trying to generate a 
> map I've done the following:
> Teuchos::RCP<const Teuchos::Comm<int> > comm = 
> Tpetra::DefaultPlatform::getDefaultPlatform ().getComm
> typedef Tpetra::Map<int, int> map_type;
> RCP<const map_type> map = Teuchos::rcp (new const map_type 
> (nGlobalElems, 0, comm));
> In my configuration DefaultPlatform should be SerialPlatform and it goes 
> there and attempts to make a new TPINode.  The TPINode constructor then 
> seg faults in a ParameterList::get call.  Did I not initialize something 
> correctly?

Sorry about the trouble!  Are you using the development branch of Trilinos, or a particular release?  If the latter, which version?


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