[Trilinos-Users] Seg fault setting comm from Tpetra::DefaultPlatform

Sean C McDuffee scmcduff at blueskystudios.com
Fri Apr 12 12:38:42 MDT 2013


I'm converting my code from epetra to tpetra.  In trying to generate a 
map I've done the following:

Teuchos::RCP<const Teuchos::Comm<int> > comm = 
Tpetra::DefaultPlatform::getDefaultPlatform ().getComm
typedef Tpetra::Map<int, int> map_type;
RCP<const map_type> map = Teuchos::rcp (new const map_type 
(nGlobalElems, 0, comm));

In my configuration DefaultPlatform should be SerialPlatform and it goes 
there and attempts to make a new TPINode.  The TPINode constructor then 
seg faults in a ParameterList::get call.  Did I not initialize something 

Here's the stack trace if that helps:

Teuchos::RCPNode::deincr_count,                    FP=7fffe623ea10
Teuchos::RCPNodeHandle::unbind,                    FP=7fffe623ea30
Teuchos::RCPNodeHandle::~RCPNodeHandle,            FP=7fffe623ea50
Teuchos::RCP<Teuchos::ParameterEntry>::not-in-charge ~RCP, FP=7fffe623ea70
Teuchos::Ptr<Teuchos::ParameterEntry>::not-in-charge ~Ptr, FP=7fffe623ea90
Teuchos::ParameterList::get<int>, FP=7fffe623eb70
Kokkos::TPINode::TPINode,                          FP=7fffe623ed40
Kokkos::DefaultNode::getDefaultNode,               FP=7fffe623ee60
Tpetra::SerialPlatform<Kokkos::TPINode>::SerialPlatform, FP=7fffe623eeb0
Tpetra::DefaultPlatform::getDefaultPlatform,       FP=7fffe623eef0


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