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> And I have one more question on Tpetra. I found explanation that Anasazi
> support Tpetra stuff and also related example code in trilinos source code

Yes, it does.

> but I am not sure if AztecOO support Tpetra fully or not.

If you are using Tpetra, you must use Belos instead of AztecOO for iterative linear solves.  AztecOO does not work with Tpetra objects.  Belos has a similar interface to Anasazi.

> and is there any performance difference between two petras? 

Tpetra's goal is to be as fast as possible on current and future computers.  Tpetra is under active development and its performance is improving over time.  Right now, performance of Epetra and Tpetra basic kernels do not differ by much.

Performance of a solver depends not only on the linear algebra library, but on the way it is used, and on the solver layers (e.g., preconditioners) built on it.  The solver layers built on Tpetra are less mature than those built on Epetra, but we are working on improving them as well.


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