[Trilinos-Users] OpenMp on Epetra

Sunghwan Choi sunghwanchoi91 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 09:33:25 MDT 2013


I found the description that told Epetra can support OpenMp from trilinos11
version, in somewhere in the web;;

The following sentence is what I found in the web.

*	OpenMP support for Epetra. Epetra is the original and still dominant
collection of data classes for Trilinos. Epetra can be compiled with OpenMP
support enabled. Turning this option on will enable threaded computation of
sparse matrix multiplication, and all vector and multivector computations.
It includes support for NUMA data placement. Sparse triangular solves are
presently NOT threaded. 


But I couldn't find any example code and I had no idea how to set it. 

If you have example code, please let me know...


And I have one more question on Tpetra. I found explanation that Anasazi
support Tpetra stuff and also related example code in trilinos source code
but I am not sure if AztecOO support Tpetra fully or not. and is there any
performance difference between two petras? 


Sunghwan Choi

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