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I have been using gcc 4.7.2 for some time as well (development branch though) on both mac and linux.  What package(s) are giving you trouble?  Below is a list of packages from two different builds that I frequently enable.


Final set of enabled packages:  Teuchos ThreadPool Sacado RTOp Kokkos Epetra Zoltan GlobiPack Triutils Tpetra EpetraExt Xpetra Thyra OptiPack Isorropia AztecOO Galeri Amesos Ifpack ML Belos Anasazi Ifpack2 Stratimikos TriKota NOX Rythmos MOOCHO MueLu Stokhos Piro FEApp 32

Final set of enabled packages:  Teuchos Sacado RTOp Epetra Zoltan Shards GlobiPack Triutils EpetraExt Thyra OptiPack Isorropia AztecOO Amesos Pamgen SEACAS Ifpack ML Belos Anasazi Stratimikos Teko TriKota Intrepid STK Phalanx NOX Rythmos MOOCHO Stokhos Piro 31

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On 11/29/12 5:48 PM, Day, David wrote:
Does trilinos support gcc 4.7.2?

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I can report the following combination is functional:

Trilinos 10.12.2 + gcc 4.7.2 (from Mac Ports) + Mac OS 10.7.5 is quite functional (includes almost 20 packages from Amesos to Zoltan) I only tried static linking although.

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