[Trilinos-Users] Interfacing fftw and trilinos

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Wed Nov 28 14:57:06 MST 2012


If I understand your situation correctly, you will want to write an
adapter for the pure virtual class Epetra_Operator, which is used by all
Trilinos linear solvers to apply the linear operator.  A reasonable
starting point for such a class is in

Depending on the details of what you are doing you may need to reverse the
roles of Apply() and ApplyInverse() from what AztecOO_Operator does. You
will implement Apply() or ApplyInverse() using the FFT library and you
will indicate that the other is not implemented.  AztecOO_Operator
implements ApplyInverse() and specifies that Apply() is not implemented.
In fact you should be able to use AztecOO_Operator::Apply() basically
as-is for one of your own methods.

I hope this helps.


On 11/28/12 2:46 PM, "Veltz Romain" <romain.veltz at inria.fr> wrote:

>I would like to interface a Fast Fourier Transform library with Epetra.
>More precisely, I am using NOX and LOCA to solve integral equations which
>involve the computations of Fourier Transform (in Matrix-Free formalism)
>and sparse Matrix-Vector products at the same time.
>There is an old fftw code for serial 1d FFT in Thyra but it does not fit
>my needs. 
>Could you give me some advice me please,
>Thank you for your help.
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