[Trilinos-Users] Missing -I[MPI_BASE_DIR] in compile line

Mitchell James james7760 at att.net
Fri Nov 23 12:12:56 MST 2012

I just did a fresh install of latest Ubuntu desktop and Trilinos. With
MPI_BASE_DIR set to /usr/lib/openmpi
I get a compilation error "cannot find mpi.h" on the first compile.  The
command for the first compile is:

cd /home/mitchell/trilinos-11.0.3-Binary/packages/teuchos/src &&
-I/home/mitchell/trilinos-11.0.3-Source/packages/teuchos/src    -o
CMakeFiles/teuchos.dir/Teuchos_CTimeMonitor.cpp.o -c

I don't see the option "-I/usr/lib/openmpi/include" that I would expect
to see.
Mitchell James

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