[Trilinos-Users] Symmetric matrices

Bart Janssens bart.janssens at lid.kviv.be
Wed Nov 7 12:34:36 MST 2012


I have a problem involving symmetric matrices, and to save memory I'd
like to only store the upper triangular part and the diagonal. I would
use the following solvers:
- MUMPS (through Amesos) on a matrix that stays the same during the
entire simulation, so I can reuse the factoring
- Belos Recycling Conjugate Gradient for a matrix that stays nearly or
completely the same for all time steps, but may be too big to factor

Is it possible to keep only the upper part of the matrix in these
cases, or do the solvers not support it? Sorry if I missed anything, I
couldn't find any references to symmetric matrix construction in the



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