[Trilinos-Users] Inquiry about posting jobs

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Wed Nov 7 12:32:32 MST 2012

Although there was willingness on the part of one respondent, the other respondents were opposed, some quite strongly, to permitting job announcements.  The main objections are that it dilutes the mailing list purpose and that there are many other venues for such postings.  This is true for Trilinos-Users and Trilinos-Announce.

Regarding other venues, I know for instance that NA-Digest is a very good forum for postings, and there have been postings in the past that have specifically stated that knowledge of Trilinos is beneficial.

Thanks for asking before posting.  You have helped us clarify this policy.

Best regards,


P.S.  If you are looking for Trilinos-related skills, feel free to send me a direct message.  I typically know a few students and postdocs who are working on Trilinos-related projects, and could possibly make a connection.

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Dear All,
              Is it ok to post a job on this forum? I have used this forum for technical queries and have had a great experience. So, I want to check whether the moderators are o.k before I use the platform for a different purpose.

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