[Trilinos-Users] dd_real for Anasazi

Holger Brandsmeier holger.brandsmeier at sam.math.ethz.ch
Sat Nov 3 17:25:11 MDT 2012

Dear list,

what is the status of support for data types such as dd_real and
qd_real in Anasazi?

On a first try I ended up with a compile error on

   eps_ = lapack.LAMCH('E');
which failes with
  static inline T notDefined() { return
T::LAPACK_routine_not_defined_for_this_type(); }

That by itself would be easy to fix, but I guess there will be more
errors coming? Note that I am also still using 10.10, I can switch to
11.0 if there is support for this.


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