[Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] Trilinos 10.10.2: what versions of SuperLU, MUMPS, and METIS are supported?

Siva Rajamanickam srajama at sandia.gov
Wed May 9 15:15:10 MDT 2012

  See this page for the supported versions of the solvers.
  It is Mumps 4.7.3 and SuperLU_Dist 2.5.
How do you plant to use Parmetis, with Zoltan or do you want to give it 
to the solvers. If it is the later, then you should link with whatever 
the solver needs.


Alicia M Klinvex wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use the Amesos_Superludist and Amesos_Mumps classes in
> Trilinos.  What versions of SuperLU/SuperLUDist, MUMPS, and
> METIS/ParaMETIS are supported in Trilinos 10.10.2?
> Thank you,
> Alicia Klinvex
> aklinvex at purdue.edu
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