[Trilinos-Users] Build error on pathscale

"C. Bergström" cbergstrom at pathscale.com
Tue Feb 21 22:11:12 MST 2012

On 02/22/12 03:34 AM, Tiziano Passerini wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm getting the exact same problem as reported by John Cary a couple of months ago. When compiling Trilinos 10.0 with the EKOPath compiler suite, I get:
> $ pathcc --versionPathScale EKOPath(tm) Compiler Suite: Version 1.0.0
> Built on:
> Thread model: posix
> GNU gcc compatible version 4.2.1
> $ make
> [  0%] Building CXX object packages/teuchos/src/CMakeFiles/teuchos.dir/Teuchos_Dependency.cpp.o
> /aut/proj/lifeV/trilinos/trilinos-10.10.0-Source/packages/teuchos/src/Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp: In member function 'T&  Teuchos::ParameterList::get(const std::string&, T) [with T = std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char>  >]':
> /aut/proj/lifeV/trilinos/trilinos-10.10.0-Source/packages/teuchos/src/Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp:783:   instantiated from here
> /aut/proj/lifeV/trilinos/trilinos-10.10.0-Source/packages/teuchos/src/Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp:774: error: ISO C++ says that these are ambiguous, even though the worst conversion for the first is better than the worst conversion for the second:
> /aut/proj/lifeV/trilinos/trilinos-10.10.0-Source/packages/teuchos/src/Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp:465: note: candidate 1: const Teuchos::ParameterEntry&  Teuchos::ParameterList::entry(
> [...]
> /aut/proj/lifeV/trilinos/trilinos-10.10.0-Source/packages/teuchos/src/Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp:577: note: candidate 2: Teuchos::ParameterEntry&  Teuchos::ParameterList::entry(
> [...]
> Was this issue solved somehow?
If someone files a bug report and it's indeed a bug in the compiler 
we'll fix it quickly.  My initial guess is that the code isn't standards 
conforming.  EKOPath 4 switched out STL which is more strict around 
#includes and a few other areas.



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