[Trilinos-Users] ML_Epetra::SetDefaults method issue

erhan turan turane at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 04:40:21 MST 2012


I was testing some parameters in ML Preconditioner. Instead of "SA", I
wanted to use for example "DD" and it worked. However, two other options
are not working. These are "DD-LU" and "DD-ML-LU" even if they are listed
in the documentation<http://trilinos.sandia.gov/packages/docs/r10.8/packages/ml/doc/html/namespaceML__Epetra.html#a56d4ce3baee9b349ed2333326e0ec2b6>.
When ML fails, you get this output:


Error, the value "DD-ML-LU" is not recognized for the parameter "default
values" in the sublist "DD-ML-LU default values".

Valid values include:


Same happens for DD-LU, as well. Of course, I could have used set method to
assign every sub-option referring to the documentation. Anyhow, I believe
either the documentation is not correct or somethings are missing in ML. My
Trilinos is version 10.8.5.

Just to note, In ML User guide. DD-LU and DD-ML-LU are not listed (Table
6). But it is from 2007 and these options might have actually been updated.


Erhan Turan
Deparment of Computer Science
ETH Zurich
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