[Trilinos-Users] Installing Trilinos headers to custom directory

Johannes Ring johannr at simula.no
Wed Feb 15 04:49:42 MST 2012


When building Trililnos, I usually prefer to install the header files
in a custom directory by configuring Trilinos with

  -D Trilinos_INSTALL_INCLUDE_DIR:PATH=include/trilinos

This avoid name clashes with files from other libraries and has been
working fine until now. In 10.10.0, the header files are correctly
installed in <prefix>/include/trilinos, however, Trilinos_INCLUDE_DIR
in <prefix>/lib/cmake/Trilinos/TrilinosConfig.cmake file is not set

  ## The project include file directories.
  SET(Trilinos_INCLUDE_DIRS "${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/../../../include")

It seems like the Trilinos_INSTALL_INCLUDE_DIR had no effect.

This worked fine in 10.8.5 and earlier versions. Is it still supposed
to work in 10.10.0?



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