[Trilinos-Users] Missing Epetra_MpiSmpComm.h header file

Perschbacher, Brent M bmpersc at sandia.gov
Mon Feb 13 14:38:24 MST 2012

  As far as I can tell that file should be in the 10.10.0 tarball, however
it isn't. I will look into this more and hopefully have a fix soon, which
would be released with the first bug fix release for 10.10.

In the mean time since that file has been deprecated I would expect that it
hasn't changed since 10.8.5, you could try copying it from your working
10.8.5 as a work around for now.

Sorry for the trouble with this,


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>> Dear all,
>> I just downloaded and tried compiling Trilinos 10.10.0. When activating HDF5
>> support, compilation fails with this error:
>> trilinos-10.10.0-Source/packages/epetraext/src/inout/EpetraExt_HDF5.cpp:60:33
>> : error: Epetra_MpiSmpComm.h: No such file or directory
>> I see that Epetra_MpiSmpComm was already declared deprecated in earlier
>> versions of Trilinos. It looks like that header has been dropped in 10.10.0,
>> while being still #included in some source files. Is this the case?
> Epetra_MpiSmpComm.h is still in the development branch of Trilinos, but the
> header file is deprecated.  Perhaps it was removed from the 10.10 release so
> as to prevent 11.0 major release code from depending on it?  Anyway, the code
> doesn't depend on Epetra_MpiSmpComm, so we should be able to remove it.
> Thanks for pointing this out!
> mfh
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