[Trilinos-Users] Missing Epetra_MpiSmpComm.h header file

Mark Hoemmen mhoemme at sandia.gov
Mon Feb 13 14:19:29 MST 2012

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> Subject: [Trilinos-Users] compilation error: Trilinos 10.10.0 and HDF5
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> Dear all,
> I just downloaded and tried compiling Trilinos 10.10.0. When activating HDF5 support, compilation fails with this error:
> trilinos-10.10.0-Source/packages/epetraext/src/inout/EpetraExt_HDF5.cpp:60:33: error: Epetra_MpiSmpComm.h: No such file or directory
> I see that Epetra_MpiSmpComm was already declared deprecated in earlier versions of Trilinos. It looks like that header has been dropped in 10.10.0, while being still #included in some source files. Is this the case?

Epetra_MpiSmpComm.h is still in the development branch of Trilinos, but the header file is deprecated.  Perhaps it was removed from the 10.10 release so as to prevent 11.0 major release code from depending on it?  Anyway, the code doesn't depend on Epetra_MpiSmpComm, so we should be able to remove it.  

Thanks for pointing this out!

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