[Trilinos-Users] troubles on setting anasazi problem

SungHwan Choi sunghwanchoi91 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 17:43:12 MST 2012

I have little trouble with anasazi. reffering example in didasko, I have
written my own code but I have troubles. I think this is really easy to
someone who are familiar to anasazi and Teuchos package. unfortunatly not
me. Do you know how to solve the problem?

here is my code, kinetic_matrix is defined as Epetra_CrsMatrix*

    Teuchos::RCP<Epetra_CrsMatrix> matrix = Teuchos::rcp( kinetic_matrix ,
    // Create an Anasazi MultiVector, based on Epetra MultiVector
    const Epetra_Map * Map = &(kinetic_matrix->RowMap());
    Teuchos::RCP<Epetra_MultiVector> ivec = Teuchos::rcp( new
Epetra_MultiVector(*Map,1) );
    //Teuchos::RCP<Epetra_MultiVector> ivec = Teuchos::rcp(  );
    // Fill it with random numbers
    // Setup the eigenproblem, with the matrix A and the initial vectors
    Teuchos::RCP< Anasazi::BasicEigenproblem<double,MV,OP> > MyProblem =
Teuchos::rcp( new Anasazi::BasicEigenproblem<double,MV,OP>(matrix, ivec) );
    bool ierr = MyProblem->setProblem();
    cout << ierr << endl;

results is 0 which means that setting problem has problem. Do you have any
hints to my trouble?

Happy new year~
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