[Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] AztecOO: AZ_extract_comm_info

Raymond Tuminaro rstumin at sandia.gov
Thu Dec 20 11:12:47 MST 2012

   I suspect that this obscure error message is something that I wrote about 10+ years ago before Trilinos really even
existed. I'm not sure why you are getting this, but I can perhaps tell you what it means. For Aztec (which obviously
sits inside Trilinos) all the ghost elements of a vector (that is elements of a vector needed -but not owned- by a 
processor to perform its local part of a matrix-vector product) must have a local numbering which is greater than
all the vector elements that are owned by the processor. For example, if a processor owns 10 elements, then the way 
local ids are numbered for both matrices and vectors should be so that v[0:9] correspond to the locally owned vector
components while v[> 9] would be the ghost variables filled by some communication routine.

Hope this helps.

On 12/20/12 08:48, Villa Andrea (RSE) wrote:
> I'm experiencing some problems solving a linear system with AztecOO in a parallel environment. I've built a square
> matrix with a non-overlapping rowMap, the same rowMap is used to set the rangeMap and the domainMap using the
> fillComplete method. The colMap is not specified.
> The right hand side has the same rowMap as the matrix.
> AztecOO aborts showing a rather obscure message: AZ_extract_comm_info: Received elements must be stored after all 68
> local elements.
> I appriciate any kind of suggestion.
> Best regards. Andrea.
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