[Trilinos-Users] link errors when compiling

Baker, Christopher G. bakercg at ornl.gov
Tue Dec 11 20:23:45 MST 2012

Does the example use Tpetra RTI, or only member methods on Tpetra objects? Also, if you are using double precision, is it explicitly enabled for Kokkos gpu?

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Subject: [Trilinos-Users] link errors when compiling

Dear All,

My colleagues and I are interested in using the GPU support in trilinos, but when compiling some of the hybrid-platform examples we get links errors about

'undefined reference to `void Kokkos::ThrustGPUNode::parallel_for ...'

We believe we are linking with all of the appropriate Kokkos libraries, but obviously we are missing something. We would appreciate any suggestions anyone can provide to help resolve this.

The example we're using is derived from http://code.google.com/p/trilinos/wiki/TpetraHybridPlatform

I've attached the code we're using, the Makefile, and the full list of link errors in case that would help determine the problem.

Thank you.

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