[Trilinos-Users] Fwd: Epetra vs. Tpetra: tridiagonal matrix speedup

Nico Schlömer nico.schloemer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 13:44:15 MDT 2012

Hi all,

For anyone interested:
I was curious how Epetra compares to Tpetra in the latest dev::master,
and ran some simple scaling tests this morning with the matrix
diag(-1,2,-1) for matrix construction and apply(). The dimension of
the system is 10M and the maximum number of procs tested a tiny 128
(oh well).

It seems I cannot attach pictures here, so I just put the results at

It turns out that Epetra still has the upper hand considering absolute
timings (not shown) as well as strong scaling (see figures).
For both shared and distributed memory machines, the speedup
is around a not too impressive 0.5 for all numprocs tested, but at
least it doesn't decrease too much with increasing numprocs.


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