[Trilinos-Users] Troubles with the install directories

Andrea Arteaga andyspiros at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 04:12:57 MDT 2012

Hi all and happy Easter everyone!

I'm using the cmake variables Trilinos_INSTALL_INCLUDE_DIR and
Trilinos_INSTALL_LIB_DIR to install the Trilinos headers into
include/trilinos and the libraries into lib64/trilinos in order to
keep the system clean. But, if I do so, the files get installed into a
subdirectory of the build directory, I suppose because of the relative

If I instead use absolute paths, namely /usr/include/trilinos and
/usr/lib64/trilinos, the files are installed in the correct position,
but the Makefiles.export.* in the include dir and the cmake files in
the library dir contain wrong value for the variables: they contain
/usr/ (the base dir) plus the absolute path that I give (e.g.

What can I do in order to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance
Andrea Arteaga

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