[Trilinos-Users] error configuring

Andrea Penza pepe.aero at alice.it
Mon Sep 26 11:49:03 MDT 2011

Hi everybody,

trying to configure Trilinos with command ccmake before building and
installation, this error occurred on my system:

Getting information for all enabled TPLs ...

 CMake Error at cmake/package_arch/TPLDeclareLibraries.cmake:196
   Error, could not find the MF Library! Please manually set
   and/or MF_LIBRARY_NAMES or just TPL_MF_LIBRARIES to point to the MF
 Call Stack (most recent call first):
   cmake/package_arch/PackageArchGlobalMacros.cmake:693 (INCLUDE)

I don't understand what MF refers to. If someone could help me I would
be very grateful to you. Thanks everybody.
Best regards.


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