[Trilinos-Users] Solvers and preconditioners available for Epetra_VbrMatrices

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The basic Thyra/Epetra adapters only require Epetra_Operator but the adpaters in Stratimikos for Ifpack, ML, AztecOO, etc. require Epetra_RowMatrix.  However, this means that if you create your own preconditioner, you just need to wrap it as an Epetra_Operator then in a Thyra adapter object and you can use it with Straimikos iterative solvers (bypassing any built-in preconditioners).


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>  Does your comment also apply for
>  Stratimikos+Thyra ? In particular, can one wrap
>  Thyra abstract linear algebra objects
>  around Epetra_VbrRowMatrices ?

Epetra_VbrRowMatrix derives from Epetra_Operator so VBR should work just fine with Thyra and Stratimikos.  If it does not work, let us know.


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