[Trilinos-Users] documentation installation fails

Mike Sussman mmsussman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 16:18:50 MDT 2011

Folks, I have tried to install trilinos 10.6.4 from the distribution
tarball.  The installation went OK and I believe I have it all installed
with essentially all the installation tests succeeding.

But I cannot get the documentation to be created.  I went to the doc
directory in the Source file tree and executed build_docs.pl.  There
were no error messages I noticed.  Many of the packages have
documentation, but the documentation does not include the inheritance
diagrams--just a dummy place holder.  And there is no documentation for
epetra!  In fact, there is no doc directory in the epetra source tree.

Would someone help me get the inheritance diagrams?

Is the tarball missing the doc directory for epetra, or is there
somewhere else I can find that directory?  

I am running a KUbuntu 11.04 X86-64 distribution.
Mike Sussman

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