[Trilinos-Users] Solvers and preconditioners available for Epetra_VbrMatrices

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Thu Sep 15 13:03:53 MDT 2011


All of the solvers and preconditioners in Trilinos are usable with
Epetra_VbrMatrix objects.

The iterative solvers will use your VbrMatrix directly and utilize the block

However, there are no block entry preconditioners.  All of the
preconditioners will be constructed as point entry objects.  In fact,
because of a structural deficiency in Epetra_VbrMatrix, you will need to
construct an Epetra_VbrRowMatrix object (which is a light-weight wrapper
around Epetra_VbrMatrix) and pass that to the preconditioner.  It's a single
line of code, but is required for proper interpretation of the
Epetra_RowMatrix interface with a VbrMatrix object.

I hope this helps.


On 9/15/11 1:04 PM, "Alberto F. Martín-Huertas" <amartin at cimne.upc.edu>

>  Dear Trilinos-Users,

 is there any reference where I can
 find which krylov
> subspace solvers (AztecOO)
 and preconditioners (ML, Ifpack, AztecOO) are
> available
 for variable block row distributed matrices
> EpetraVbrMatrix).

 Thanks in advance.

 Best regards,


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