[Trilinos-Users] GPU and Multi-threading Support

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Fri Sep 2 13:58:04 MDT 2011

Epetra provide OpenMP support for sparse matrix multiply kernels in
Epetra_CrsMatrix.  All appropriate operations in Epetra_MultiVector and
Epetra_Vector are also instrumented with OpenMP.  The next version (due out
in about a month) has improved data placement strategies for NUMA nodes, but
is otherwise similar.

Note that use of these kernels with AztecOO has limited impact since AztecOO
performs vector operations in its own native code.  Only the matrix multiply
kernel will see performance improvement.  I believe Thyra has similar
limitations.  Belos and Anasazi don't have these issues.


On 9/2/11 2:00 PM, "Christopher Grover Baker" <bakercg at ornl.gov> wrote:

> Epetra has support for OpenMP; I don't recall whether this is present in
> the current release, or whether it will be in the next release. (I would
> recommend that you check the source.)
> Tpetra has support for CPU multi-threading via pthreads or Intel TBB, and
> support for NVIDIA CUDA-capable GPUs via Thrust. However, Tpetra doesn't
> have as broad a support in the other Trilinos packages; it is largely
> limited to Anasazi and Belos.
> Chris
> On 9/2/11 12:49 PM, "Davood Ansari" <david.ansari at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Does any of Tpetraor Epetra  have support for GPU or Multi-threading?
>> Kindly advise
>> Davood
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