[Trilinos-Users] looking for collaboration for Epetra project

Andrea Zonca zonca at deepspace.ucsb.edu
Thu May 19 14:45:55 MDT 2011

I am a postdoc at UC Santa Barbara,
I built a mapmaking code with an algorithm based on the destriping
tecnique [1] using Epetra.
With some help by Alan on this mailing list I managed to successfully
implement it,
however, due to my lack of experience with Epetra, performance is an issue.
For example I am using EpetraExt::MatrixMatrix::Multiply where a more
direct method
should be way faster.
So I am looking for a collaborator that could help me in improving the
code, after the code is
ready we should be able to submit a publication to Astronomy &
Astrophysics or similar
journal with the results of applying this code to a Cosmic Microwave
Background experiment
developed at UC Santa Barbara.
Please contact me if somebody might be interested in a collaboration,
Andrea Zonca

[1] http://arxiv.org/abs/0904.3623

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