[Trilinos-Users] zoltan particle ghost regions

Riesen, Lee Ann lriesen at sandia.gov
Tue May 3 12:31:31 MDT 2011

Hello John.  Zoltan does not explicitly support any level of ghost points.  It simply maps each point being partitioned to a single part number.  When the application migrates the points to the new part, it can also send neighbors that are not assigned to the new part as ghost points.

If you are using Zoltan to migrate the points, you can include in your callback functions the movement of the ghost points.  That is what is being described in the example you referenced.

I hope this helps.

Lee Ann
Lee Ann Riesen
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, USA
Department 1426, Scalable Algorithms, Computing Research Center
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If using zoltan to redistribute particles between processes. Is it possible to ask for all points within x units of a boundary to be duplicated as ghost points and copied to all overlapping processes.

I had a quick look here which gives me some clues, but if there's an example already out there, please let me know.



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