[Trilinos-Users] Do I have to use BLAS and LAPACK

Holger Brandsmeier holger.brandsmeier at sam.math.ethz.ch
Thu Jul 21 13:48:37 MDT 2011


In the current code blas / lapack seem to be hardwired. But I think it
should be easy to remove this constraint. I'm using Teuchos with
scalar types which are not float/double or the complex<>-version of
it, and there are no blas / lapack libraries for these types. Still I
can use most trilinos packages like this.

There is a class "DefaultBLASImpl", which is a Trilinos internal (not
necessarily optimized) implementation for (parts of) BLAS. So it
should be possible to remove blas/lapack and use "DefaultBLAS" even
for double / float, then there is no need for blas / lapack. However,
this requires some changes to  the code.

Though, I don't really see the reason why you don't want to use blas /
lapack libraries, they are quite efficient and behind many classes in


On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 21:29, Perschbacher, Brent M <bmpersc at sandia.gov> wrote:
> I certainly haven’t tried, and wouldn’t be shocked if it failed to work, but
> have you tried adding the following to your configure script?
> Since BLAS and LAPACK are in a way special it wouldn’t surprise me if the
> above caused a configure error, but there is a reasonable chance that it
> will just work assuming you are configuring only packages that do not have a
> required dependency on BLAS or LAPACK. I don’t know what software stack that
> would be though.
> Brent
> On 7/21/11 1:21 PM, "Kurtis Nusbaum" <klnusbaum at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm compiling Trilinos in order to do some stuff that doesn't need to use
> blas and lapack what so ever. Is there away to compile Trilinos without BLAS
> and LAPACK?
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