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Matt G mgoodman at email.arizona.edu
Sat Jul 16 19:36:46 MDT 2011

Also, if you are running under ubuntu on a semi-modern processor, I would
strongly recommend compiling atlas, my dgemm performance was increased by
almost 4x, and several other metrics got a lot better as well.   The default
library doesn't utilize low level cache well at all.

You can find a script to do this in my github:
It is labeled for 9.04, but I have used it on natty successfully too.

Good luck!
--Matthew Goodman

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On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 10:16 AM, Nuno Sucena Almeida <slug at aeminium.org>wrote:

> On 07/16/2011 05:44 AM, Andrea Penza wrote:
> > I'm working on Ubuntu 11.04 (natty).
> Hi Andrea,
>        take a look at
>        <
> http://slug.blog.aeminium.org/2011/07/16/trilinos-10-6-x-ubuntu-11-04/>
>        Let me know if something is lot clear
>                regards,
>                        Nuno
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> http://aeminium.org/slug/
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