[Trilinos-Users] Question on Epetra_BlockMap with variable element length

Heroux, Mike MHeroux at csbsju.edu
Thu Jan 27 11:23:53 MST 2011


BlockMap was not designed to handle a block entry size of 0.  I am not sure what would be required to do so.  Might it be possible to keep the ID of the self, then check the ID list and ignore the self ID?

This would allow you to proceed.


On 1/27/11 12:11 PM, "Littlewood, David John" <djlittl at sandia.gov> wrote:


When constructing an Epetra_BlockMap with a variable element length, is it possible to have an element with length zero?

I am using a map to store the list of neighbors in a peridynamics simulation, and it is possible to have zero neighbors.  It appears that one cannot construct an Epetra_BlockMap with an element that has zero length (throws exception).


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