[Trilinos-Users] How to import non-local CSR matrix elements?

rrossi at cimne.upc.edu rrossi at cimne.upc.edu
Wed Jan 5 16:48:49 MST 2011

Dear list, 

 i am dealing with a somewhat non standard problem: i assembled an
Epetra_FECrsMatrix, and i would need 

to get a copy of the values stored in the matrix. To explain better,
suppose that i have the matrix 

2 3 * * 

4 5 6 * 

* * 1 * 

* * 2 1 

where the processor 1 owns the first two lines and the processor 2 owns
the second ones 

i would like to be able (as process 2) to query for the values that
correspond to a given set of indices, which are however owned by processor




from having a look to the documentation i found that the most similar
thing appears to be the function 

int 	ExtractGlobalRowCopy [1] (int GlobalRow, int Length, int 

however this is only defined for CRSMAtrix and does not allow accessing
to non local data.

For  Epetra_FEVector i am currently doing the following to get a copy of
both local and non local data:
  		 //defining the importer class

  		 Epetra_Import importer( dof_update_map, Dx.Map() );

  		 //defining a temporary vector to gather all of the values needed

  		 Epetra_Vector temp( importer.TargetMap() );

  		 //importing in the new temp vector the values

  		 int ierr = temp.Import(Dx,importer,Insert); 

  		 if(ierr != 0) KRATOS_ERROR(std::logic_error,"Epetra failure

Is it possible to do something similar for my problem?
Any help/pointer to the correct documentation would be very welcome

thank you all in advance

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