[Trilinos-Users] Time Dependence in Piro - Rythmos - setting x_dot inArgs and time-domain outArgs solution

Christopher Parmer christopher.parmer at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 19:36:11 MDT 2011

Hi All,

I'm struggling adding time-dependence from Piro to my simulator. I'm
currently trying to demonstrate Rythmos in a simple 2d parameter-less
example. I have a few questions/issues:

I am trying to set x_dot (       * inArgs.set_x_dot(x_dot_init);* , where
x_dot_init is an Epetra_Vector of initial conditions)
I am receiving the error:*
model = 'Piro::Epetra::RythmosSolver': Error, The argument arg =
IN_ARG_x_dot is not supported!*
However, in my ModelEvaluator in createInArgs() I have:
*            inArgs.setSupports(IN_ARG_x_dot,true);*

I need to set x_dot in order to incorporate derivatives in my evalModel
residual function calculation. Is this really not supported or am I doing
something wrong?

How will a DAE time-domain solution be returned? In a multivector? How
should I set up my outArgs to see this solution?

Does a simple Piro with Rythmos example exist or has anyone written their

As always, thanks for the help. If you would like, I can also share the
simple example that I am working on.


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