[Trilinos-Users] example make file

narendiran kumar narendirankumar at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 05:31:28 MDT 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

While I was tried to run NOX example program "ChanContinuation.C", i am
getting some error like undefined reference to
"LOCA::LAPACK::Factory::Factory()".  Is it problem with "Makefile".

Can i get any example Makefile for running NOX "ChanContinuation.C program"

K. Narendiran

/home2/program/continuation/ChanContinuation.C:72: undefined reference to
/home2/program/continuation/ChanContinuation.C:78: undefined reference to
const&, int, double, double, double, std::basic_ofstream<char,
std::char_traits<char> >&)'
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