[Trilinos-Users] AztecOO: result is zero?

Sensei senseiwa at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 11:49:15 MDT 2011

On Apr 4, 2011, at 1:45pm, dorian.krause at usi.ch wrote:

> On Apr 4, 2011, at 1:06 PM, Sensei wrote:
>> I don't understand... Solving a linear problem with a 2D laplacian matrix should be a piece of cake: shouldn't it converge to the correct result, and not zero?
> If the right hand side is zero, the exact solution is zero. In the code,
> you can find theses lines:
>  Epetra_Vector<http://trilinos.sandia.gov/packages/docs/r6.0/packages/epetra/doc/html/classEpetra__Vector.html> x(Map);
>  Epetra_Vector<http://trilinos.sandia.gov/packages/docs/r6.0/packages/epetra/doc/html/classEpetra__Vector.html> b(Map);
>  x.Random();
> This initializes x with random values and b with zeros (since the zeroOut value is true by default).

Then I am probably doing something terribly wrong. I think I am missing something in my code, or worse, I forgot how solvers work!

First, I am initializing the known term v, with values 10 * (index + 1), and it prints ok, so the following code works.

    Epetra_Vector v(Map);    
    // set every element in the vector
    for (i = 0; i < Map.NumMyElements(); i++)
        v[i] = 10 * (i + 1 + Map.MinMyGID());

Next, I set the matrix to a (standard metrics) laplacian matrix (with elements being +1 -2 +1). The matrix prints fine after GlobalAssemble().

Finally, I set up the linear problem and the solver:

    // results vector
    Epetra_Vector res(Map);
    // construct the linear problem
    Epetra_LinearProblem lp(&m, &res, &v);
    // solver
    AztecOO solver(lp);
    // get defaults and set them
    int opt[AZ_OPTIONS_SIZE];
    double par[AZ_PARAMS_SIZE];
    AZ_defaults(opt, par);
    // set specific parameters
    solver.SetAztecOption(AZ_solver, AZ_cg);
    solver.Iterate(1000, 10e-9);

From the documentation I see that Epetra_LinearProblem needs, in order, the matrix, the resulting vector, and the known term. In my code, I am passing them in order, I think! 

However, res contains only zero values. In contrast, if I initialize res with v (copy constructor), res will end up containing all the original values of v.

So, is my code completely a havoc? What am I missing and doing wrong?

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