[Trilinos-Users] trilinos buildaginsttrilinos demo o/p

Salinger, Andrew agsalin at sandia.gov
Fri Apr 1 08:48:01 MDT 2011

K. Narendiran,

The error you are seeing is that the demonstration code requires
an input file, input.xml, to be in the current directory. If you
run the executable from within  test/ex1 or test/ex2, you should
see the code run and get output.

Are you getting results when you execute ctest, showing that
the tests pass? If so, then the build was successful and it is
just the above issue.


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Dear Sir/Madam,

I tried to get the output of demo program.  The Output of that program is

Note: I edited that do-cmake path to my cmake install path

root at narendiran:/home1/program/sample/demos/buildAgainstTrilinos/build# ./do-cmake

root at narendiran:/home1/program/sample/demos/buildAgainstTrilinos/build# make

root at narendiran:/home1/program/sample/demos/buildAgainstTrilinos/build# ctest

root at narendiran:/home1/program/sample/demos/buildAgainstTrilinos/build/src# ls
CMakeFiles  cmake_install.cmake  libmyappLib.a  Makefile  MyApp.exe
root at narendiran:/home1/program/sample/demos/buildAgainstTrilinos/build/src# ./MyApp.exe
Teuchos::GlobalMPISession::GlobalMPISession(): started serial run

Throw number = 1

Throw test that evaluated to true: file_ == NULL

FileInputStream ctor failed to open file: input.xml

Is there any configure problem.
Can anyone please verify this.

K. Narendiran
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