[Trilinos-Users] newbie, using Trilinos 10.0.4 on Ubuntu 10.0.4

Monosij Dutta-Roy monosij.forums at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 09:25:25 MDT 2010

I am in my first attempts into getting into Trilinos and also somewhat new
to C++, Makefiles and such. However have a strong Java, DB background.

I installed Trilinos from the repository and can get some of the examples to
compile using g++ - giving the specific paths to the compiler from the

However cannot get the makefiles to run. Specifically I am trying to work
with Epetra and am attempting to compile this example:


<http://code.google.com/p/trilinos/wiki/EpetraSimpleVector>with a
modification of this makefile.


So in the makefile it is supposed to pick up variables from:
So my questions were:

1. It seems the mpic++ compiler is used, which I have installed. However it
gives errors.

2. I can seem to include Makefile.export.Epetra by giving the full path to
it as in: /usr/include/trilinos/Makefile.export.Epetra. However if I have
/usr/include/trilinos in my PATH and just have Makefile.export.Epetra in the
Makefile, it can't seem to find it.

3. Why is the mpic++ compiler being used and not g++.

4. Would it better to try and use CMake from the get go rather than Make?
Are there some examples in using CMake to start some basic tutorials with.
So these are likely very basic questions and appreciate your patience -
however would appreciate any pointers to them especially specific things I
may need to be doing with regards to Ubuntu as I could not find much
documentation on it.

Also I am happy to help in this regard as well.

Thanks for your help.

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