[Trilinos-Users] Tpetra vectors for something other than scalars

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Mon Sep 13 23:14:24 MDT 2010

Hi Markus,

Yes, this kind of capability is possible and we designed Tpetra to be
extensible in this way.  There would be some effort to define certain traits
for your "scalar", but it should be fairly straight-forward.  I don't have
the details in front of me, but can do some checking.


On 9/13/10 4:57 PM, "Berndt, Markus (LANL)" <berndt at lanl.gov> wrote:

> I was wondering if there is a way to utilize Tpetra to create a vector
> of something other than scalars. In particular, I am thinking of a small
> matrix (think of, for example, a diffusion tensor).
> It would be great to use maps and the export/import mechanism to
> populate ghost cells with such data. A workaround would be to store the
> tensor elements in a MultiVector, but access to these by cell would be
> suboptimal because of the large stride.
> Thanks
> - Markus

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