[Trilinos-Users] Cannot build 64 bit on Intrepid.

John R Cary cary at colorado.edu
Mon May 3 13:43:06 MDT 2010

On 5/3/10 2:21 PM, Brad King wrote:
> John R Cary wrote:
>> A question (for anyone): How does CMake handle fixed-form versus
>> free-form Fortran?
> Currently it does nothing special and just hopes the compiler figures
> it out.

I think only XL is not adept at this.

> I've had a TODO list entry for a long time to add a source-file
> property to mark files as free- or fixed-format.
>> While nearly all compilers figure this
>> out on the basis of the file suffix, the XL series
>> is not sufficiently bright.  Experimentation shows
>> that for Trilinos, I need to provide xlf (fixed-form),
>> not xlf90 (free form).
> Actually you can just set the COMPILE_FLAGS target or source file
> property to include -qfixed or -qfree on this compiler.  This is a
> work-around until the above-mentioned property is added.
> -Brad

Yes, as long as a project has only one kind of Fortran format.


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