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Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Wed Jul 7 15:20:47 MDT 2010


There is no such capability for writing a preconditioner out to a file, and
it would be very challenging to provide over the breadth of all

Doing this on your own for a specific preconditioner is doable, but fragile,
since it depends on the internal state of the preconditioner.  If the
attributes of a preconditioner change, then your write and read functions
would also need to change.

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On 7/7/10 1:33 PM, "andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it"
<andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it> wrote:

> I have a simple question regarding the saving-to-file procedure of a
> preconditioner operator.
> With the AZTECOO GetPrecOperator I can retrieve a pointer to an
> Epetra_Operator object. I am wondering whether there is a simple way
> to save it to file and reload it when it is necessary. If this is not
> implemented directly can it be developed easily?
> Thank you very much.
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