[Trilinos-Users] Epetra Vectors/Maps

John Mitchell jamitch at sandia.gov
Fri Jan 29 16:37:52 MST 2010

I am new to the use of Epetra and have a couple basic questions that 
don't appear to be directly addressed in the tutorial.

Is it possible to create an


where sum(numMyElements) over all processors != numGlobalElements?

What I have, is a list of ids that I own, and then a list of ids that I 
share but don't own.  I need to do parallel calculations and assemblies 
on a vector that is of length numOwned+numShared.  Assembly operations 
for both owned and shared may require off-processor communications.  I 
have a vector f = {f_owned, f_shared}; If a point that is owned on 
processor is shared on another processor, then the assembly of f_owned 
will require contributions f_shared from the sharing off processor

I was planning on using the above Epetra_Map as a target map for 
creating an Epetra_Import -- does that make sense?


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