[Trilinos-Users] Attempting to use an MPI routine after finalizing MPICH

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Mon Jan 11 07:39:03 MST 2010


I wonder if some how a destructor is being implicitly called after MPI_Finalize, and the destructor is in turn calling an MPI function.  Is that possible?


On 1/11/10 7:58 AM, "Tim Stitt" <stitt at cscs.ch> wrote:

Dear Trilinos developers/users,

I've recently been relinking a user's code with Trilinos v10.0 and
running into the following error message at runtime:

Attempting to use an MPI routine after finalizing MPICH

Prior to the relink, the code has been running successfully against
Trilinos v7.0.8.

I've identified that the problem occurs sometime after the following
statement is executed within the code:


I was just wondering if anyone has already encountered this problem
(and solved it), before I invest some time to track it down?

Thanks in advance,


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